App Permissions

Now when you create apps in the catalogs there are different App permissions that can be assigned. It is important to remember that only the Owner of the Apps has the right to assign rights to the different users. The Owner can assign permission to users as creators or publishers. The owner can also completely restrict access to the app for some of the users.

To set the app permission, go to the App in your catalog and click on more options (three dots) and select Set permissions.

So under App Permissions > Select Users, enter or select a user and select the appropriate permission type from Creator, Publisher, or No Access.

There are three roles that can be assigned to different users:

  1. Creator: The Creator role enables the user to edit apps but the user cannot publish the app or rollback the app.

  2. Publisher: 1. The users who are assigned the Publisher role can perform all actions to the apps. For example, one app might be shared by a team and in such cases, different users might need permission as Publisher. To these users, you would need to provide rights to edit and publish the app in the Publisher role.

  3. No Access: The users to whom you want to restrict access completely, would be assigned the No Access permission.

Once you have assigned the permission to the respective users, you can also choose to Notify via Email. An email would be sent to the respective user with the details. Once the permission is assigned, click Share so that the users receive the notification for the permissions granted to them.

You can use the Select Users option to add individual users. Type the email id of the respective user. If the user has access to the Catalog, the name would get added. Assign the appropriate permission from the list. These Share permissions will override the General Access type permissions. For example, if you have assigned Publisher rights to All User and then add an individual user XYZ and assign the Creator role to that user, the user “XYZ” would only have Creator rights and no Publisher rights. Here the Creator role assigned overrides the General Access type Publisher permission to the respective user.

By default, All Users of the Catalog are assigned the Publisher role when the owner creates the App. The Owner can change the roles to Creator or restrict access by using the App permissions listed out against All users.

An app owner can change the owner to another individual user as well. To change the owner of an App you first need to add the user whom you want to make as the owner as shown above. Assign the Role as Creator and click Share. The user gets added to the list.

Now click the arrow near Creator, and you get a dropdown with all the roles listed. Select Owner from the list. You would be prompted to confirm the action to change the owner as you would lose the right to make changes to the roles. Click Change the Owner to Confirm.

You can also remove the user using the same dropdown list till the time you are the owner.

App permissions are thus very useful when you want to assign roles and enable permissions for different users depending upon the type of app. It is important to be careful when assigning roles and permissions.