App Environments

This article will provide a detailed understanding of the App Environment in DronaHQ.

Studio offers a platform to build your apps that can be based on different data sources. In the process of building your apps, you would gradually develop the app, test it and then get it ready for your Customers. So it is vital that you have a place where your can test your app design as well as the app data from different sources. Thus, Studio provides you with different environments that can be set for different purposes. You can make use of the App Environment and the Data Environment for developing, testing, and getting it production-ready.

The Data environment in Studio is the environment for your Data sources, namely the Sheets and Connectors.

Using App environments

The App environment is where you create your basic app design or create the user interface. With the concept of App Environments available in Studio, you can continue to test your App even after it is live or available to your Live Users. When you Publish your App it is called as Live or on Production. Studio provides you with 3 environments in Studio -

  1. Prod
  2. Beta
  3. Dev (Preview only)


Dev environment is the Test environment in which you can design, develop and then access your App in Preview.

In the Dev (Preview) environment you have the following:

  • View As: You can choose the user from the channel to preview how the app works for the specific user.
  • Current: Is the current form being previewed.
  • Action flow Debug: Enables you to debug your action flow and their subsequent tasks. For more details refer to this article here.
  • Submission: You can toggle ON or OFF to submit the form data. If the submission is ON all the server-side the actions would also be performed.
  • Data Source: This specifies the source of your data. So if the environment shown here is Development, the data from the Sheet would be fetched from its Dev environment only. Also if you have switched ON data Submission then the data would be submitted to the source environment that is specified in this field. For example here the Submission is ON and the Data source is Development. The data would be inserted in the Dev environment of the linked sheet.

You can also run your BPM Workflows in Dev (Submit On).


Once you have built your App you need to share it with your user. To be able to share you need to publish it. So when you publish your App you can do it in the Prod or the Beta environment. When you publish the app in Prod Environment then your App’s updates are received by all live users of your MicroApp. All MicroApps are by default published in the Prod Environment.


Beta environment is used when you publish your MicroApp to only a specific set of users. If you chose to Publish App in Beta environment, then only the Beta users will be able to receive this App update. For more information on the assignment of Beta users, you can refer to Config option - Beta User article here

You can publish your App in either Beta or Prod Environment as shown below:

publilshing your app

Using environment in BPM Workflows

All tasks except the Input task can be run in the Dev environment, however, you may want to skip some Workflow tasks such as external Live Api’s to be run from Dev or Beta environment. This can be done using an additional section in workflow tasks called ENVIRONMENTS TO EXECUTE IN as shown below

You can choose to add or remove environments depending on your needs.