Api response is not coming

i am trying to add rest api butwhen i want response or test api, it is showing timed out like that after sometime and actually i run that api in postman and response came after 5 minutes but response size is less but coming to that api in dronahq, i am getting timed out so can i increase the time limit in dronahq

Hi @bhanuprasad.ippili99 ,

Could you specify whether you encounter this timeout error within the application itself or during the configuration of your API in the connectors section?

i got this issue during the configuration of my API in the connectors section

Hi @bhanuprasad.ippili99 ,

Our platform has a crucial expiration timeout of 3 minutes to uphold optimal application performance. Setting a higher timeout could result in subpar app performance. Please review and adjust the expiration limit settings for your APIs on your end, making sure it is set to 3 minutes or less. This modification will enhance the efficiency of your application’s functionality.

Thank you.

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