Analytics Overview

DronaHQ Studio is a no-code platform that uses a visual development interface to create apps with little or no coding knowledge. The platform offers different functionalities like developing and designing Microapps, building sheets, creating automations to simplify repetitive processes, and so on. It also features the analytics to enable you to investigate, examine, and interpret the different activities like apps, workflows, and automations.

You can find the Analytics feature under the Studio Console.

There are three different types of Analytics that can be undertaken:

  • Workflow Analytics: This provides the analytics for the different workflows under the numerous apps that you have created. From your Apps listed out, select the app that you want to investigate. The list of workflows under respective apps is provided. For each workflow, the dashboard shows the number of times the task was completed, was pending or has failed. It also allows you to examine the errors and the details of each workflow including the status, the time, and the initiator.

  • App Analytics: This provides in-depth and detailed analysis of the Apps. You can find the details like container time spent, Microapp Open, the OS distribution, and the total users of the account. You have different filters like choosing Apps, Choosing catalogs to provide the analytics.

  • Automation analytics: This provides statistics and logs of the different Automations. You can define the time range for running the automation, the status, the trigger type, and so on.

You can make use of the different types of analytics available to study the health of your applications and the different workflows and automation. This is helpful in identifying the problems and resolving the errors at different stages.