Address Auto complete, google places api, How can I make it execute faster


I have implemented address autocomplete using the google maps api (Place Autocomplete  |  Places API  |  Google Developers)
you can watch the video here .

after collecting the address, I am trying to display the suggestions in a list control. the whole process is taking a few seconds more than expected. Is there any way to make it execute faster?

  1. I have tried using a table grid control ( takes the same amount of time)
  2. I have tried without hide and show of the controls.
  3. I have also tried initiating the api call upon value changes in the testbox event. takes same amount of time.

Would love to hear some suggestions.



You can reduce the Debounce Time property of Text Input Control to trigger the change event fast - for ex 600/700 ms. However, you will have to keep in mind, smaller the debounce time interval more the chances of triggering google places api multiple times consuming your Places Api Quota. So, select optimum time which you feel should be best from both the perspective.


BTW liked your implementation, it provides pretty good user experience :+1:

Hope this Helps!

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Thank you for the response.