Adding Link to a Custom Designer Control

I have made a Control in Designer, with a button on which I want to add link by fetching it from a sheet in a list repeat control.

What formula do I need to use in the custom action formula box?

I think, you just need to point to the sheet cell where that url information is stored.
and give the reference here


That should work.

Thanks Yash, I’d tried this method but it did not work for me.

check the control it is pointing to.
If this new control is within the list repeat, then i think you should select

When I use This keyword it fetches the links from all the rows and not just that specific row.

I remember facing the same issue.

I created another control on the same Screen.
Then link it to listrepeat1.Selected.view
Everytime you select that particular instance of the repeating control, Only the value of that “view” will get copied.

I hope this works.

Yes this helped. Thank you Yash!