Adding dynamic tags to the Single-Multi tag Type Format data section with Variables

The Studio already had the feature of adding Data and Custom JavaScript data as variables. You use these data variables in controls, connectors, and now also in the Format Data section of various controls like tablegrid control.

The procedure is very simple, add variables from the app builder platform which is an array of strings.

Select tablegrid control.

Go to Data > Format data section of the tablegrid control.

Now to use the added variables, I will choose Single Tag as the column type for the Role column.

Go to its Format Option > Add Options . To provide a dynamic list of tags, select the variable in which you have the array of tags.

Then click Save & Close > Finish . Now go back to the preview section of the tablegrid control and select the Role column (Make sure that the column is made editable from the property section).

You can see that the data from the variable is being shown as tags in the format data section of the table grid control.