Access my site's database

Hello everyone

These are my first steps in DronaHQ
I develop with meteorJS. My site and the MOGODB database attached to it are hosted by “scalingo”.
Where should I start to connect DronaHQ to my database

Please help me get started.

To use the MongoDB datasets you simply need to add the MongoDB connector, configure the connector using the database details, provide the necessary values, and test it before you validate. Once your configuration is complete you can add a query as per your requirement.

Adding a MongoDB Connector

To add a MongoDB connectors, under Studio > Connectors, click (+) Connector. Select the MongoDB and click Add.

Studio allows you to connect to both managed and self-hosted MongoDB databases including MongoDB Atlas and AWS DocumentDB. Studio supports MongoDB’s standard connection format (mongo://) as well as the new seed list connection format (mongodb+srv://). So if you are using a managed offering such as MongoDB Atlas, the seed list connection format may be preferred. For more details, you can refer to this MongoDB Documentation here.

Configure MongoDB connector

You first need to provide the details of your Connector. Enter a Connector name and then proceed to add the connection string.

The most important part of the process is to provide connection configuration details.

You can provide the Connection string or provide the respective parameters.

In this case, note that to connect to the MongoDB database/dataset you would need a few parameters or fields. Here, we will be taking a sample public MySQL database sample_airbnb.

The connection parameters that are required are Host and database name. You also can enter the respective username, password, and port number and click Submit.

You can also enable further action to Connect using SSL, Enable SSH Tunneling, and Whitelisting IP.

Once these configurations are done, you need to Test the request and connection. If the authentication is successful you would get the response accordingly. Click Save.

Add a query to the Database connector

The DB connector is now added to the Custom Database connectors section. You would have the Add query to the database.

First, give a name with which the query would be available for use. The actions supported by MongoDB are listed out. Select the action represented by the name. You will find parameters depending on the action. For example, if your action is Find the parameters would be Filter, projection, sort, limit, and skip. If you choose InsertOne as action, the parameter would change to Insert as Key: Value string. Once you have assigned the necessary values, you can Run the query. The response can be seen as per the parameters given.

You can also add dynamic values using the Variables. To use a variable inside a query, you simply need to put it into double Curly brackets. The Test value that you entered would be considered when you are running this query here for testing.

You can now view the queries that you saved for use in your apps later under your specific connector.

You can then use these queries to fetch data in our controls.

You can do this by going to the data section of the control and then going to the Quick Select option and selecting Connector Library

Then you can search your specific Mongo Db query and select it and enter the dynamic fields and then click on Test and Save

I hope this helps.